Organic Market Operators of Ukraine


GALEKS-AGRO Private Enterprise was founded in Zhytomyr region in 2008. The company’s aim is soil improvement, clean environment and job creation in rural areas. The main activity is organic crop production and animal husbandry as well as organic processing to provide consumers with organic food.

GALEKS-AGRO is a vertically integrated group of companies which creates a production chain from organic crop and livestock production to processing. In particular, the group of companies of GALEKS-AGRO consists of the first in Ukraine certified organic dairy plant ORGANIC MILK LLC with the capacity of 30 t/day and ORGANIC MEAT LLC with the capacity of 3 t/day which process exclusively own organic raw materials.

All agricultural products and production facilities of the company are certified by Organic Standard according to the Equivalent European Union Organic Production & Processing Standard and approved according to Bio Suisse standards. GALEKS-AGRO PE is a leader company in the Swiss-Ukrainian Project “Organic Market Development in Ukraine” (2012-2017).

Currently, the company exports 75% of its products, mainly to Switzerland, Germany, the Netherlands, Hungary, Israel, Italy, Ireland, and the UK.

Organic Products:

  • Cereals, pulses: Soybean, Реa, Barley, Buckwheat, Corn, Hulled spelt, Millet, Oats, Oats naked, Spelt, Winter Rye, Winter wheat
  • Honey: Honey
  • Groats, sugar: Buckwheat groats


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