Organic Market Operators of Ukraine

Organic Milk LLC

Organic Milk - first processing plant in Ukraine of own-produced organic milk. It's part of the vertically integrated companies engaged exclusively in organic farming, livestock and processing.

We process about 30 tons of milk every day and today we produce about 24 kinds of organic products. We use only organic raw material, which meets all international requirements of organic production.

Organic Products:

  • Dairy products: Organic cow milk pasteurized, Organic drinking yoghurt "Raspberry", Organic drinking yoghurt "Strawberry", Organic drinking yoghurt "Blueberry", Organic drinking non-fat yoghurt, Organic fermented baked milk thermostatic, Organic sour cream thermostatic, Organic sweetcream butter, Organic sweet cream butter with cocoa, Organic kefir thermostatic, Organic fermented milk drink "Ayran", Organic drinking cream, Drink milk "Organic pasteurized milk with cocoa", Organic sweet vanilla cream cheese
  • Cheese: "Adygei" cheese, Organic brynza, Organic cottage cheese, Organic hard cheese "Ukrainian"


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