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 Scientific and Production Enterprise "5 Element" is a national producer of Microfertilizers. It carries out researchesat the company’s own ultramodern laboratory. The area of production and laboratory facilities is more than 2500 sq. m, manufacturing workshops – 825 sq. m. Today, "5 Element" exports its products to 26 countries in Europe, South America, Africa, and Asia. The products are unique for each crop. The developed chemical combination is individual for crops of different groups considering their biological properties and genetic potential.

Agricultural manufacturers from abroad show great interest in Ukrainian research works, therefore Microfertilizers, which increase yields of leguminous and industrial crops by 15-45%, fruit and berry and vegetable crops by 50-75%, significantly improve the quality of a harvest.

SPE “5 Element” LLC, is certified in accordance with the "Organic Standard" system, in accordance with the Directive of the EU, in line with the ECOCERT system (France). "5 Element" is the only Ukrainian manufacturer of organic Microfertilizers, which is a member of the IFOAM.

The plant produces 64 products for cereals, industrial and vegetable crops. About $ 2.5 million are currently invested in production. The amount shall be doubled in the next few years. For the next 5 years, it is planned to build 5 Element plants in the USA, Canada, Algeria, Egypt, India, Turkey, Australia, and Tunisia.

Service department of SPE “5 Element”, LLC delivers products to the customer and provides full support for the application of Microfertilizers, assists in seeds treatment, offer consultations to manufacturers, performs express analysis of the soil, etc. The company manufactures the most effective products for certain conditions with the help of its own climate control unit.

Organic Products:

  • Supportive products: Microfertilizer "5 element" Granulated


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