Organic Market Operators of Ukraine

Organic meat product LLC

ORGANIC MEAT–is the production of organic certified products.It meets European standards and at the same time preserves all the traditions of generations in the production of meat products.

It's part of the company, that operate in the field of organic crop/livestock and carries out its activities from growing fodder, keeping meat and dairy herds to the processing of raw materials and promotion of high quality finished products in the market.We are fully responsible for every stage of production.

Organic Products:

  • Meat products: Sausages strong-smoked, Boiled sausage, Boiled sausage for children diet, Sausages for children diet, Sausage made from marble beef, Sausages smoked and cooked, Smoked sausage with lard, Sausage for grilled marble beef, Natur salami from beef, Salami Venice, Salami Mіlanska, Salami Tuscany, Wieners with cheese, Small sausages for children diet, Sausages with milk, Ham boiled and smoked


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