Organic Market Operators of Ukraine

Zemlia Organic LLC

"Zemlia Organic" (Land Organic) is the Ukrainian organic family farm, launched in 2016 and certified by the Organic Standard company. We believe that traditional production should return its primordial value and prevalence. This is why we are increasing the organic farming and the organic lands (14 hectares in 2018, 80 ha in 2019, 170 ha in 2020) for growing organic raspberries (45 tones in 2018), strawberries, sea buckthorn, briar, pieplant etc.

Organic Products:

  • Cereals, pulses: Asparagus bean, Buckwheat, Garden pea, Kidney bean
  • Fruits and berries: Raspberry, Raspberry frozen
  • Spice and medicinal plants: Basil, Chenopodium, Chia, Garden cress, Lettuce, Peppermint, Rucola, Savory, Spinach
  • Vegetables, melons, root crops: Parsnip, Pepper, Tomato, Wegetable marrow


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