Organic Market Operators of Ukraine

Phytopharm-Trade LLC

The "Phytopharm-trade" LLC from Ivano-Frankivsk is a representative of a new generation of Ukrainian enterprises, the main principles of which are high moral principles of business conduct.

The company was founded in 2013. The number of employees is 20 people.

Activities: harvesting, drying, processing and storage of wild and cultivated medicinal plants, fruits and seeds.

Today's direction of development of the company is organic production (the certificate UA-BIO-108 Organic Standard/Ukraine).

Organic Products:

  • Spice and medicinal plants: Dead-nettle grass fresh, Dead-nettle grass dried, St. John's wort grass fresh, St. John's wort grass dried, Nettle leaves fresh, Nettle leaves dried, Lime flowers fresh, Lime flowers dried , Rosehip fruits fresh, Rosehip fruits dried, Thyme grass dried, Thyme grass fresh
  • Fruits and berries: Elderberry flower fresh, Elderberry flower dried, Elderberry fruits fresh, Elderberry fruits dried, Hawthorn fruits fresh, Hawthorn fruits dried


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