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Agroecology PE

Company history

Private Enterprise “Agroecology” is the oldest Ukrainian company implementing only organic technologies in its work. Back in 1975 we focused on cooperation with nature in our manufacturing process by starting the introduction of subsurface tillage. In 1978 we refused using herbicides and other agrochemicals, and in a few years we stopped using mineral fertilizers as well. During 40 years the company has been creating its own model of organic farming which is based on soil surface cultivation and wide application of various organic fertilizers. The management system is aimed both at manufacturing organic products and preserving and increasing soil fertility, protecting the environment, implementing the principle of sustainable development. Our innovative approaches to farming are recognized by scientific and agrarian communities in Ukraine and in other countries; they are protected by numerous patents. The company is headed by Semen Antonets – the patriarch of organic farming in Ukraine. In 2010 the film «Solutions locales pour un désordre global» created by the famous French film director Coline Serreau represented our management methods as a standard for solving agriculture problems all over the world.

Company’s activities

The company carries out its production activities in an area of over 6700 ha located in Shishatsky and Zenkovsky districts of the Poltava region (Central Ukraine). Crop products processing is performed using our own manufacturing facilities.

The main field of the company’s activities is dairy and beef cattle breeding. We have 6.7 thousand head of milk and dairy cattle.

Crop production and processing at Private Enterprise “Agroecology” are certified by the certification authority “Organic Standard” in accordance with the requirements of the Standard for organic production and processing which is equivalent to the EU Resolutions № 834/2007 and № 889/2008(UA-BIO-108 certificate). Besides that, we have BioSwiss and NOP certificates.

We sell our products all over Ukraine and we have lot of experience in export to other countries. Our company is interested in finding new business partners for the expansion of organic products export and mutually beneficial cooperation. We can grow various grain, leguminous, oil-yielding crops and medicinal herbs to order.

Scientific and research activities

We are also open for cooperation in the area of sharing the organic farming practices. Every year hundreds of people visit our company in order to acquaint themselves with our system of production and study organic farming. We collaborate with leading scientific institutions and scientists who carry out research in this area. We have built the Organic Farming Centre with all the necessary conditions for holding conferences, undergoing in-depth training and practical training. It has several conference halls, a hotel, a dormitory, a restaurant. We are ready to share our knowledge with anyone who is willing to be engaged in organic production and environment protection.

Organic Products:

  • Cereals, pulses: Buckwheat, Chick-pea, Corn, Lentil, Millet, Oats, Oats naked, Rye, Soybean, Spring barley, Spring hard wheat, Spring wheat, Vetch, Winter wheat
  • Oil crops: Brown flax, Golden flax, Mustard, Sunflower, Sunflower high oleis
  • Flour: Buckwheat flour, Corn flour, Rye flour, Wheat flour (spring wheat), Wheat flour (winter wheat)
  • Porridges, flakes: Oat flakes
  • Groats, sugar: Artek wheat groats (winter wheat), Buckwheat groats, Buckwheat groats ground, Corn groats, Fine ground barley, Hulled millet, Oat groats, Pearl barley, Wheat groats (spring wheat)
  • Oil: Flax seed oil, Mustard oil, Soybean oil unrefined non-winterized, Sunflower oil
  • Flour dust: Buckwheat husks, Rye husks, Wheat husks (spring wheat)
  • Crumbled cake: Soybean cake, Sunflower cake


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