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Rehearsal of Biofach 2019 in Kharkiv...

Organic industry leaders from all over Ukraine visited AGROPORT in Kharkiv, among which were participants of the National Pavilion of Ukraine at BIOFACH 2019.


BIOFACH ( is the world's leading exhibition for organic products held in Nuremberg. has hosted the National Pavilion since 2019. The company was established in 2017 within the Agroport Ukraine project activities as a separate direction on “Ukrainian organic market development and promotion of organic products made in Ukraine".

This is not by accident that the new format of the National Pavilion of Ukraine - Organic Ukraine Business Hub (OUBH)- was presented within the Agroport East Kharkiv project at the final agro event of 2018. Next year, the organizers plan to step away from the traditional static expositions and focus on “openness” - interactive open-space with minimum accumulations and minor details but with a varied programme.


General Manager of AGROPORT Ukraine and OUBH Coordinator, Dmytro Tytarenko noted that organic products took a special place in AGROPORT program in 2018.


“We focused on promotion of trend niche products on the one hand and we are making all necessary preparations for a new AGROPORT project outside Ukraine targeted at promoting Ukrainian producers at the international exhibition BIOFACH 2019 on the other hand” – said Dmytro Tytarenko.

For instance, panel discussion ORGANIC UKRAINE BUSINESS NUB was held on the first day in the main hall where an updated format of the National Pavilion was presented and practical recommendations for participants training for event were discussed.

“The main goal of the panel is to meet participants who will represent the national organic market next year and to review the possibilities that will help to prove ourselves in the international markets,” – said Olena Berezovska, President of Association “Organic Ukraine”.


The panel was also visited by a special guest - Director of Nürnberg Messe, Official Representative Office, Hubert Demmler, who could evaluate not only the progress in preparation activities by the Ukrainian operators for the BIOFACH 2019 exhibition, but was also directly involved in the Ukrainian exhibition-forum activities.

Ukrainian products proved to be competitive and tasty, and I'm sure they will receive wide response from both European consumers and consumers from around the world,” - said Hubert Demmler.

This year organic products were one of the key issues for discussion at Agroport East Kharkiv 2018. Organic Ukraine Avenue has been open at the airport for two days, where certificated products were presented by the manufacturers from different parts of Ukraine.
The first day of the exhibition ended with official celebration of the 5th anniversary of AGROPORT in restaurant-resort Dubrovsky, which organically fit into the preparation program.


Opening ceremony started from the new collection “Praska” (“Iron”) (2L Factura brand) presentation by designers Lana Teslenko and Olena Horbacheva, as a part of collaboration with the Fashion Festival “Kharkiv Fashion”. Distinctive features of the Ukrainian traditional costume sewed with natural materials were used as a basis for this collection. The first nominee for organic producers was established within the framework of the AGROPORT AWARDS, traditional awarding ceremony of the regional agrarian industry leaders. The official programme was ended with the drawing of air tickets from Turkish Airlines to the BIOFACH 2019 exhibition, and the lucky winner was identified by the Director of Nürnberg Messe, Official Representative Office - Hubert Demmler.


But that wasn't the end. What is the anniversary without cake?! Particularly, without a record organic Medovik (Honey Cake) weighing over 100 kg. We spend more than 40 kg of sour cream, 24 kg of sugar, 323 chicken eggs, 14 kg of flour, 10 kg of cream and 6 kg of honey etc. for its cooking.

The cake was inspected and certified by Organic Standard company, and organic producers were the partners of the record, such as: Organic Synthes LLC, Danubian Agrarian LLC, Organic MILK LLC, Ethnoproduct LLC, GALEKS-AGRO PE, Agroecology PE, Deddens Agro LLC, UKROLIYA LLC, BIO-PHARM AGROTRADE LTD, URC-UKRAINE SPA LLC and Organic Ukraine PU.

That was not the first record set within the framework of AGROPORT. During Agroport West Lviv, 3,285 kg of organic buckwheat porridge with meat and mushrooms was cooked jointly with the West Chef Group.

Only time will show what a surprise has been prepared by the organizers of the National Pavilion of Ukraine for BIOFACH 2019.


The National pavilion of Ukraine ( will already be presented for the 6th time in 2019 at Biofach. WIthin these years its area has almost doubled: from 70 sq.m in 2014 up to 130 sq.m in 2019. Also, the number of exhibiting companies has increased from 8 to 30. 

Organic Ukraine Business Hub (#OUBH) is a new format for the national pavilion, coordinated by Agroportex.Bio since 2019. The main focus will be on “openness” - interactive open-space with minimum assemblage, few little details and with a tight business agenda as well as entertainment programs.

AGROPORT UKRAINE ( as International Agricultural Forum is a part of the official UN calendar and takes place with the support and participation of FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations). It has been occurred already for five years and this year to be held in three regions of Ukraine: Western, Southern and Eastern, in order to be closer to a farmer and consider regional peculiarities.

Agroportex LLC (Agroportex.Bio) is a consulting company founded in 2017 within the framework of the project "Agroport Ukraine", aimed at "Development of the organic market of Ukraine and promotion of Ukrainian organic production". Since April 2018 the company is a member of the IFOAM EU. In July Agroportex.Bio presented the first release of the B2B marketplace for organic products (AppStore | PlayMarket).
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