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MOL'FAR is a young Ukrainian brand, founded in 2016. Despite the young age, we definitely know what goals we set ourselves. We are united by dedication to minimalism and reduction of overconsumption for the sake of long-term preservation of the environment.

Our society is becoming more and more eco-conscious, and we are increasingly concerned about the environmental impact of our existence. However, living in large and dynamic cities, we enjoy all the benefits of scientific progress and are not prepared to give up all the comforts of modern living and to resort to the asceticism of eco-settlements.

The philosophy of the MOL’FAR brand is minimalism.

Minimalism is not just a modern trend, it’s really a whole philosophy.

Minimalism teaches us to “be yourself” and not to “create an impression of yourself“. Minimalism focuses on the important and rejects overconsumption. In our minimalist concept we focus on quality product and nothing unnecessary.

100% organic composition of ingredients, responsible and ethical attitude to the environment form the MOL’FAR tea outlook.


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