Organic Telegram bot that knows everything about organic products in Ukraine
@OrganicIsBot is an organic telegram bot that knows everything about organic produce in Ukraine. All products and manufacturers are thoroughly certified.

It helps easy to navigate the variety of assortment and order the necessary cart for every week for: all family, for your children's, for gift or dietary (as prescribed by the doctor)

At the moment, the service is available only in Kharkov. If you are from another city, you can mark it at registration or in the My profile section and we will notify you of the opening of the issuing center
What Telegram bot can do
Catalog of added value products from Ukrainian producers
Order and deliver weekly organic product kits
(1st quarter 2020)
Identification of organic products in retail chains
(3rd quarter 2020)
Consumption statistics
Consumer preference analysis and misleading product monitoring
(3rd quarter 2020)

Project Participants

Organic Market Operators of Ukraine
Organic Cart
Weekly, your personalized Organic Cart will be waiting for you at the authorized Issuing Center, which also presents the maximum available range of organic products. It is here that every time you can understaff your order with additional goods that are not included in your cart. And a little joy! On the day of issue, you can order delivery