Organic Meeting Planner

Business tool for effective participation
in international organic expos
All those who ever took part in the business events have personally made sure that the entrance pass makes for 10% of success at the most. And it does not matter how much you have paid for it, nor how competitive is your position. The preparation process is mostly about planning: planning meetings, getting prepared for them, having them held and followed on with comments and minutes, and finally, again planning further steps

We are just hosts. We are not in a position to have influence on resulting quality of agreements and effects from participation. But we can help participants to be more efficient and fit them out.
Dmytro Tytarenko
Organic Export Promoter
Organic Meeting Planner is a good old method, which had been worked out to be run in at the AGROPORT-2015. But at that point it might be ahead of time with this tool.

Organic Meeting Planner is rather simple in use and serves to file all background papers concerning the Fair.
First section contains reference materials. Task sheets with key assignments for the time of the Fair and afterwards
Forms to support business meetings (available at the National Exhibit for each participant, by 150 sheets for everyone).
Feedback sheet, which would help to host team to assess its own performance and serve as a platform to speak out for visitors.
Pre-registration form allows exhibitors and attendees to check in for domestic events and certainly, BIOFACH 2020, in advance.
The second section addresses personally the Fair work details – on the days from February 13 through 16. It starts with the meeting agenda, i.e. summary on key business days of the Fair. There is a blank in each of the three days schedules to fill up with details on meetings, current tasks, reminders, notes, new ideas and contacts.
One more section is left for so-called "Napoleonic plans" meaning the plans and assignments for the next three months that one may want to put on paper to follow-up a meeting.
So, making a schedule for the whole year through to coming BIOFACH 2020 is possible.
And there are the contacts again!
Here, one can find the National Exhibit's participants catalogue, slots for visiting and other cards
The hosting team also has prepared 100 complimentary express-planners for other Fair participants.
Organic Export Assistant that will help anybody to be well versed on the main issues and to know the price of any product