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Organic is...

Social Impact and Consumer Marketing with Emotion
The goal of the project is to increase consumer experience. In this case, each individual audience needs special communication.

The larger our community, the wider and more accessible will be the range of real organic products in Ukraine. As a result, all this will lead to a decrease in the number of goods, mislead consumers. That is why we share all this with you and ask Share with friends

Organic is the choice of the heart, not the eye

It is an emotion that is understood even by children
The lesson of organic
and healthy eating
A pilot project for the education of elementary school students
Student projects
Diploma projects in agribranding
of young parents
Presentations on special educational events
Emotional marketing
for Generation Z
Impact through social media and visual content

Project Participants

Organic Market Operators of Ukraine
With the help of a bot it is easy to navigate the variety of organic range and to order the necessary cart for every week